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Over the past few months, we have been working on redesigning the PicoNaut S2 3D Printer. We wanted the printer to be more user-friendly with an easier assembly. It offers a construct-it-yourself kit to educate about how 3D printers work and how to design, export, slice, and print a design at home or in a classroom. 
This image is our old PicoNaut S2:
With the help of your feedback, we found opportunities to improve the mechanical elements and housing stability. We decided to redesign it to fix those issues and deliver our best version of the PicoNaut yet!
Below is a vision of how we want the new PicoNaut E to look:
First, our Design Team had to start on the housing of the PicoNaut E because the mechanical elements will need to fit within the limitations set by the size. The Design Team decided to make the whole printer small enough to be placed on your desktop, perfect for at-home hobbyists and designers or schools to teach students about design and 3D printing.
Next, for the design, the Team wanted a softer and more approachable look to the printer, making it appeal to a younger audience. 
What is impressive about this printer is that the frame pieces will be 3D printed in our production studio, allowing production to stay in the USA. Printing this in parts will enable you to learn what each part of the machine is as you construct the PicoNaut E. Within the 3D printed frame, we will add acrylic sheets as the walls to provide extra structure to the entire printer and provide a way to monitor and check on the print status. Adding the acrylic sheets will help contain the build plate's heat and limit debris from entering the machine, providing a controlled environment for optimal printing. Additions to the internal mechanics we would like to try and implement can manually level the print bed to fine-tune the machine's accuracy.
Stay tuned for more updates as we make progress with the internals!
-Toniann Ehret
Lead Designer of PicoProducts

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