Savonius Wind Turbine Development

Savonius Wind Turbine Development

About PicoSolutions:    

PicoSolutions is a product design & additive manufacturing consultancy founded in January 2019 after our founder accidentally created an educational Wind Turbine utilizing 3D printing. At the time, 3D printing was only used for rapid prototyping to cut costs in creating the new product for the education market. Over the past 6+ years, we realized we could do so much more for the marketplace with our ability to materialize ideas into reality! Over the next 18 months, all products that were once made overseas will be produced in house using Additive Manufacturing(AM).  

When our firm develops a product we do not begin and end with functionality- the product begins by identifying a need/problem and multiple solutions to solve it. It is refined through innovative practices always keeping our PICO core values in mind, and continues to be adjusted as new sustainable processes and materials are developed. 

Overview/description of your project:  

We will blow you away with PicoSolutions, Savonius WindTurbine! What do you think of when you imagine alternative energy? At PicoSolutions we see students, as young as 6 years old exploring the world of wind power through our Savonius WindTurbine. We imagine the impact of young learners experimenting with energy creating products, designed with virtually no waste material, and produced with recycled, sustainable materials.  

The Savonius Wind Turbine supplies students with the necessary tools and encourages them to experiment with the potentials of alternative energy and their benefits.  

Description of our project: 

Additive Manufacturing has allowed PicoSolutions more control over production and allowed us to create a company based on sustainability and education.  


  • Localizing manufacturing thus eliminating the need for overseas production 
  • Discontinuing the usage of our original molds 
  • Startup costs were reduced from $20K down to less than $1K  
  • Long term production cost reduction by 33% which we have found to be our average savings to manufacture in this way 
  • This savings was passed on to our customers per our new process 
  • Lowered our carbon footprint and waste material which is extremely important to us as a company! 


  • Our new designs allowed us to cut out many parts previously needed and create two different types of Wind Turbines 
  • This new design allowed us to make a Turbine which could be used with magnets & coils along with a DC motor 
  • In the past, we had to 3D print 3 additional components and now we only have one additional very small part that is needed to convert the Turbine from AC generation to utilizing a DC motor to produce power 


  • This innovation has led us to the least amount of waste possible which is always our primary goal  
  • We have designed it to use zero support material  
  • It is made out of a mix of FDM printing & SLA based on which process yields the nicest finish &/or is most cost-effective. 

Additive Manufacturing has taken our Savonius Turbine from unrecyclable plastic and paper to refined energy creating educational products made with recycled plastics and the least amount of waste possible.  

How we brought this product to life: 

Current Product launched in January 2020: 

What could be better than learning about Alternative Energy, through a locally manufactured product made from recycled plastics with nearly zero carbon footprint! As new materials and manufacturing processes are developed PicoSolutions continues to evolve with the goal of being as sustainable as possible. We are creating educational products knowing that they themselves reflect the values of our students, educators, and company.   

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