SKY-Z AC Wind Turbine Generator Additive Manufacturing Update

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Over the last month, PicoSolutions has been working on improving our internal products. While all of our products are equally important we wanted to start with a product that could improve our sustainability. This product is the SKY-Z AC disc. The Sky-Z AC disc is used to create an electrical current when rotating over copper coils that are wired in series.
Over the past month, we have gone through many design iterations. However, we first tackled the situation with a flat disc that we printed in house and used a double-sided tap the fix the magnets to the disc as we always have with laser cut rotor discs. While this solved the problem of fixing the magnets to the rotor disc it was only a temporary solution
OLD style featured below:
Printed on the WASP 2040 Industrial
We soon began thinking of how we could improve the design and create a better-refined product. From there we decided to create our design criteria. This removed the use of double-sided tape and created a system where the magnets could be taken off as well. This would not only save money it would reduce waste which is in line with the company's sustainability values, and more importantly allow our customers to reuse the kit more especially when educators & kids need longer-lasting products!
In our first brainstorming session, we talked about a clip system that would allow the magnets to be taken off or replaced. We wanted to use a joint like a butterfly joint. Our first design had a flat base with four sets of the rails on either side of where the magnets went. This allows four separate clips to slid onto the top of the magnets.
With this design, we realized we liked the clip system concept and the rail that the clips would go onto. However, we wanted to try creating our own joint that could utilize additive manufacturing and load the clips on the sides to slide in. we needed to create a joint that could be printed at an angle that allowed for no support material which is always an important part of all internal products Picosolutions creates. We are not fans of support materials and strive to eliminate them along with any waste related to them! 
With these goals, we created a design where the clip slid in from the side. We also made the entire disc smaller to reduce print time and gave it greater structural integrity. Once we found the correct tolerance and infill amount we had a system that worked well and lets the disc clip slide in and out seamlessly. We made it so when the turbine is spinning the clips will not come off and made sure to have the tolerance for a student to take them off as well
In final, this is the animation of the final design and how the system goes together. PicoSolutions is proud that not only were we able to create a better-looking product but one that sticks to our core values to focus on sustainability. The more we can make locally in-house on the WASP 3D Printers the better. 
Let us know what you think and stay tuned for next month's Blog!
Michael L

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