WASP 3MT: A big printer overcoming bigger challenges

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WASP 3MT: A big printer overcoming bigger challenges.

WASP 3MT and Troy 3D Printing Course

World's Advanced Saving Project (WASP) is considered to be one of the leading pioneers when it comes to large format 3D Printing with recyclable materials. We will be taking a look at one such printer, the WASP 3MT.
Image Credit: WASP 3D
The WASP 3MT is an FDM printer with a circular build plate 1m in diameter and height. Compatible materials include ABS, PLA, PETG, and TPU. The printer uses WASP Spitfire Extruder but it is the Pellet Extruder that we are going to be focusing on.
The WASP Pellet extruder is compatible with pellets of 2-6mm in diameter and printing temperatures of up to 260° C. WASP actively promotes the use of recycled plastics. Pellets made from recycled PETG and PLA are easily available online. The advent of sustainable manufacturing is here and in the WASP 3MT we have a 3D Printer that allows you to convert disposed soda bottles into furniture and other useful products.
While working with the 3MT and helping our customers troubleshoot their printers, I realized that the pellet extruder nozzle is the most common component that produces issues. I realized two key practices which prevent these issues from occurring:
The most important practice is to maintain a clean nozzle. The pellet extruder is a very large extruder system. Cleaning the nozzle can be done by disassembling the nozzle tip and pellet feeding system. A generous application of the heat from a heat gun and a bit of persistence should be enough to completely clean.
When changing material it is essential to extrude as much of the previous material out of the nozzle as possible. This is will prevent heat creep issues caused due to the different fusion temperatures of the materials.
This not only extends the service life of the printer components but also saves downtime between prints and maintenance.
The WASP 3MT can be a very powerful tool in any industrial production hub. Testing and Rapid Prototyping of large assemblies and structures can be achieved with great ease, which would not have been possible 4-5 years ago.
When it comes to furniture there is a notion that one size fits all (for the most part), but this does not have to be the case. Using para-metrically generated designs, any piece of furniture can be scaled down or up with almost zero time required for re-purposing the design for printing.
The capability of this printer is best highlighted by a project that WASP Hub Denmark completed recently with the help of EcoLogicStudio. The project, H.O.R.T.U.S XL, uses a digital algorithm to generate coral morphology. These are then printed using the 3MT.
Image Credit: WASP 3D; EcoLogicStudio
Photosynthetic Cyanobacteria, suspended in bio-gel, are inoculated into the coral bio-pixel, creating a living, breathing installation. This has unbound potential in the industry of bio-digital architecture and design and the WASP 3MT is one of the tools that deliver the cutting edge this technology needs.

Troy University and WASP 3D

Troy University recently announced that they are launching a new course, 3D Printing for Art and Industry. Speaking about the importance of learning 3D printing for students, Frank Marquette, Professor of Practice in the Department of Theater and Dance, said, “The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here, and 3D printing is center stage. The growth in this area is gigantic. This program will give students the skills to utilize sustainable materials in large-format printing. This is not only desktop-scale printing. We’re printing in cubic yards, not cubic inches.”
Image Credit: Troy University
PicoSolutions Group is immensely proud to have been able to help facilitate this partnership between WASP and Troy University
At PicoSolutions our motto is 'Educate.Support.Create'.
Troy University aims to educate its emerging artists and scholars on how to harness the power of 3D Printing to achieve manufacturing excellence with support offered by WASP and PicoSolutions. We cannot wait to see what Troy University's very talented students create.
More to come!
Milan  Adhikari
PicoStudio Manager

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