WASP 4070 Industrial

The advent of Large Format 3D Printing has exponentially increased the potential of industrial 3D Printing. Today there's a massive range of LF3D Printers that can cater to businesses in many industry sectors.
Image Credits: WASP
The manufacturing flexibility of 3D Printing is unmatched. Harnessing its potential on an Industrial scale has been one of the forefronts of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Not so long ago an LF3D Printers was an expensive proposition when addressing manufacturing challenges. This technology has evolved and today LF3D Printers are affordable with plenty of robust budget options available in the market.
World's Advanced Saving Project (WASP) identified the need for an affordable LF3D Printer that does not compromise on quality and functionality, leading them to develop the WASP 4070 Printer. This platform has been upgraded and joins the Industrial 4.0 series of WASP Printers.
Bike Helmet and Front Brake Air Conveyor.
Printed using Nylon-Carbon on a WASP 4070 Industrial
The modular configuration of the hardware for this printer is it's most innovative feature, with extruder configurations for single, dual and flexible material printing that can be swapped out with minimum fuss.
Legacy Effects, masters of special effects production for films, have been using 3D Printing to create stunning costumes and effects. This is what their Lead 3D Print Engineer Dean Schneider had to say about the impact that the WASP 4070 had on their production,
"The Delta WASP 4070 Industrial series is the perfect solution to allow us to print truly massive parts quickly and at a reasonable price.  The WASP printer hardware and software are as easy to use as any consumer level printer yet have the features and build quality of industrial printers that cost five times as much. In under two months we have already printed hundreds of huge parts and used over 150 lbs of filament across our three machines!  It’s staggering to see the output we can achieve running these machines 24/7, 7 days a week. Overall the experience from PicoSolutions and WASP has been awesome, we are excited to expand our fleet and move from three WASPs to a whole swarm! 3D printing technologies are changing rapidly but I’m confident that WASP will continue to develop interesting and innovative solutions to move the 4070 forward into the future."
The WASP 4070 offers unmatched speed and precision. The system is designed to offer perfect repeatability. The performance it offers for the price is a credit to the ingenuity of WASP designers and engineers, delivering manufacturing solutions for challenges faced by makers and engineers.
The WASP 4070 will be joining the Industrial X range of WASP printers!
Watch this space for more updates on the Industrial X Series soon!!

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