PicoNaut S2 3D Printer
PicoNaut S2 3D Printer
PicoNaut S2 3D Printer
Image of the magnetic flexible build plate
PicoNaut S2 3D Printer
PicoNaut S2 3D Printer
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PicoNaut S2 3D Printer

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This easy to use 3D printer kit empowers educators to utilize additive manufacturing in their classrooms. Learn the fundamentals of how 3D printers work while assembling this kit. Follow our step by step guide to learn how to build and fix your own 3D printer.


Kit: Get the printer as a kit, following our guide while learning the fundamentals of how 3D printers work. Great for learning about a machine with students.

Assembled: Purchase the machine fully assembled and tested. The quickest experience of getting up and running with a 3D printer.


  • Print Volume: 180x200x200 mm
  • Max Temperature: 250C
  • Print Speed: 60 mm/s
  • Calibration: 9 Point Auto Bed Leveling
  • Layer Height: 0.05 - 0.32 mm
  • Single extruder
  • Filament type: PLA/PLA+


On our print surface, the plate can be easily bent to remove the parts without the need for paint scraper, or glue stick on the surface. This allows for better print surfaces a faster operation of your 3D printer.


Having your parts stick to the build plate is the most important part of having a successful 3D print. Using the latest version of the Marlin firmware, the PicoNaut S2 utilities the auto bed leveling to remove any need for manual leveling the machine. While the machine is printing, the build plate can be moved closer or farther away to ensure that your parts stick to the build plate.


The E3D V6 Lite is the most reliable and easy to maintain extruder on the market. This means less time spent clearing clogs from the extruder, and more time printing. It is made entirely module so every part of the assembly can be swapped out and upgraded.

FREE Curriculum Unit

All PicoNaut 3D Printers come with our Entrepreneurship Project RED curriculum Unit. 48 lessons(4 chapters) of amazing STEM curriculum! We will release 1-2 new free units a year for you to use in your classroom which as they become available will be distributed to all educators who have PicoNaut 3D Printers! All of our Project RED units can be easily used with the printer and we are producing 10-15 of them a year! 

Future Plans

We will release the PicoNaut S2 Plus model for more technical users & filament type usage in the Fall/Winter which will have some hardware upgrades but be a bit higher priced.