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In 2019, we evolved into PicoSolutions. On a mission to localize the manufacturing of our own products, we fully actualized ourselves into PicoSolutions Group at the end of 2022. 


As a result of what we have learned, we are taking on design clients and materializing your imaginations. Bringing your products to life, and helping you build a business that speaks to your heart with marketing, manufacturing, and distribution, we are able to leverage our expertise in technology (DFAM, 3D Printing) to realize your visions. 


We are continuing to push our education roots into new soil - consumer goods and industry solutions! 


On a mission to locally manufacture 500+ products by the end of 2024, let's partner! 

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The next chapter in our journey began with the task to reverse manufacture our products, especially during the midst of the pandemic era supply chain issues. This project took nearly 3 years, and we now make our products 100% in the USA for less than overseas manufacturing.

 Our team decided it was time to take our journey yet again to the next chapter opening up our doors to design clients to repeat what we did for ourselves and we launched the PicoXprojects initiative and started gaining traction in doing the same thing we did for ourselves for our new clients.

Brought to life in 2023, under the PicoSolutions Group umbrella, PicoStudio houses our design services and innovation centers and is core to the localization of manufacturing. 


This business segment focuses on product design, development, and manufacturing refinement through DFAM, enabling PicoSolutions Group to expand our reseller network, revolutionize drop shipping, and launch new products.

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After launching our new product offering the company started to take a very different path after investing in 3D Printing. 


In 2015 we started training educators on utilizing 3D printing in the classroom and became very well-known for this service. We created and ran a district-wide Biomedical engineering program in the Jersey City, NJ Public School district from 2016-2018 for elementary students. 


During this program, we opened up PicoTech Institute in downtown Jersey City educating students K-12 and adults alike about design and technology through afternoon, summer, and bespoke programs. 


During this phase, we refined our education skill set, and all of the curriculum developed is still utilized today by hundreds of thousands of students and teachers around the world through an open-source model.

Our Founder Michael Burghoffer acquired a DIY Savonius Vertical Wind Turbine made out of cardboard, wood, & paper and built a STEM Education business out of his college dorm room seeing the future of what was later deemed the EdTech Industry. 


In 2012-13 utilizing 3D printing he rapidly prototyped a new Horizontal Wind Turbine that they manufactured overseas as the vertical turbine maxed out its product life cycle. Along the way, it became abundantly apparent the level of R&D cost savings that utilizing this new process would be meaningful to small and large businesses alike. 


Michael knew this was the future and one day it would be possible to localize the design and manufacturing of not just STEM education products, but all products with technology. 

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