Additive Manufacturing Internship Competition

Additive Manufacturing

Internship Competition


This summer from July 11th-August 9th we will run our first annual Summer Internship competition. We will take applications and choose up to 4 interns to compete in our Additive Manufacturing internship program. Of those 4 at least 1 will be offered a position in person or virtually to continue working with PicoSolutions or one of it's Joint Venture Partnership Organizations! 

During the internship you will be taught our practices & processes around designing for furniture Design(PicoCyle), toy design(PicoKids), Industry design(PicoMedical & more), & Ceramics/LDM(PicoArt). Whether you land a job with us or not you will have a life long skill to apply to your everyday life and career! 

This is a non-paid internship but you will have room & board taken care of. On the weekends and during the week we will take trips all around the tri-state to visit related facilities or museums for inspiration along with educational purposes! 

Rules & Steps:

Rule 1- Must be 18 Years+ old to apply as of the start of the internship 

Rule 2- You have until 5/15/2020 to register. Winners will be picked between 05/15/2020-06/01/2020

STEP 1: Apply on the online application

STEP 2: Submit a maximum of a 1 pager on why you deserve the spot and also how you fit into the PICO core values

STEP 3: Submit your best designs (renders & STL's(your choice) in at least 2 of the 4 categories so we can understand what your current level of design is! 

STEP 4: Wait for us to use our rubric & pick the winners