PicoTech Summer Camp 2020 Online & in Person

 PicoOnline Virtual Summer Camp

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Summer Camp 2020

July 6th - August 28th 

9AM -1PM  MON-FRI Online or in person
Extended hours available at an additional $100 per week
Grades 1st-8th grade (entering grade)
Virtual Summer Camp Schedule
Location: Links to the daily schedule and virtual classrooms will be emailed daily.
Students will be placed in courses based on their age, level and ability. 
        • 9:00 - Staying fit: Mind and Body 
        • 9:45 - Create & Innovate Challenge
        • 10:45 - Brain Break
        • 11:00 - STEM Challenge
        • 12:00 - Digital Game Time
        • Once a week, the schedule changes to allow time for “Interview with a Professional.” 
Students who enjoy virtual courses will be encouraged to continue in our virtual programs throughout the year, exploring entrepreneurship, STEM and fitness courses on the PicoEdu Online Platform.
In-Person Summer Camp Schedule
Location Pending: Waterfront Montessori Art Building
150 Warren St, Jersey City, NJ 07302 (In the event that in-person camp cannot take place, all students will participate online).
In-person summer camp will follow the same schedule if in-person activities resume.
      • In-Person Camp is available until 3PM for an additional $100/Week
      • During all breaks, students will visit beautiful parks and have the opportunity to participate in fitness and mindfulness activities. Students may also choose to work on independent projects in coding or design. 
      • Friday:
        • Class Trips take place on the first Friday of camp
        • Students participate in an AM Picnic every Friday!
        • Presentations take place on the 2nd Friday of a Session beginning at 3:30 PM

While others talk about STEM, we live it daily through our clients in product design, manufacturing, autonomous vehicles, and more! Let us teach your child about the real thing!

Camp Sessions

    • July 6-17th
      • Become an entrepreneur! Learn how to design like a world class product designer & engineer!  Use your imaginations to bring your design to life using a 3D Printer!
    • July 20-31st
      • Explore autonomous vehicles like a TESLA work. Then, learn how to create an autonomous and an electric vehicle of your own!
  • Session 3: ROBOT BATTLES!
    • August 3rd-13th
      • Learn basic electronic programming, the engineering design process and embrace the spirit of competition. May the best Robotics & Computer Engineers win the Robot battle!
    • August 17th-28th
      • Young entrepreneurs will learn how to monetize their every day thoughts through the PicoPreneuers program. Learn to pitch in mini shark tanks like they were battling it out to raise funds to launch their dream businesses!