Delta WASP 40100 Clay Printer (110V)
Delta WASP 40100 Clay Printer (110V)
Delta WASP 40100 Clay Printer (110V)
Delta WASP 40100 Clay Printer (110V)
Delta WASP 40100 Clay Printer (110V)
Delta WASP 40100 Clay Printer (110V)
Delta WASP 40100 Clay Printer (110V)
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Delta WASP 40100 Clay Printer (110V)

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Accurate and fast using all-ceramic materials. Open and accessible on three sides to interact during printing.

It is possible to print directly on the floor (for objects up to one meter high) or on a removable steel printing surface, located 60 cm(24in) from the ground (useful print volume diam. 400 mm(157in) x H 450 mm(177in)). It is also possible to continue printing without waiting for the piece to dry simply by moving the printer.

3D printer for clay Made in Italy, with a clean and compact design. The aluminum and steel structure guarantees stability and precision, obtaining quality prints with dense fluid materials.


  • 1 5L tank.
  • 2 printing plates in Marine Multilayer.
  • 10 kg of porcelain.
  • Extruder Options:
    • LDM WASP extruder: with 1.2mm diameter (standard)
    • LDM WASP extruder XL:  2mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm nozzle diameter included


  • No stop print: with each printed piece, move the printer and continue production.
  • Mold directly on the ground or with an intermediate shelf.
  • Extruder with controlled dosage by screw.
  • Air pressure control integrated on the printer.
  • Trolleys with roller runners to ensure excellent stability.
  • Dedicated firmware.

Tech Specs:

        • Printing volume: 
          • Metric: Ø(XY) 400mm x Z 1000 mm
          • Standard: XY 15.75in x Z 39.37 in
        • Minimum layer height: 50 micron;
        • Maximum printing speed: 150 mm/s;
        • Maximum travel speed: 150 mm/s;
        • Acceleration: 500 mm/s2;
        • Software: Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, Linux Slicing software: Cura - SLic3r - Simplify 3D Software interface Printrun - Repetier Host File extension: .stl, .obj, .gcode.
        • Interface: SD Card - LCD display 
        • Physical Dimensions: 85x77x195cm (34inX30inX77in) 
        • WEIGHT: 80 kg/177lbs
        • Power: Input: 110V 50/60 Hz Absorbed power: 200W
        • TEMPERATURE: Use: 20-30 C° Warehouse: 0-30 C°
        • Mechanics: Frame and cover: Aluminium, Steel, Platform: steel Movements: nylon wheels on aluminum slides

    Recommended Materials: 

    • ceramic mixtures
    • Clay
    • Porcelain
    • Gres
    • Earthware
    • Refractory
    • Other


    • Frames and carters: metal sheet (lowers the machine vibrations, grants the best print quality), aluminum, painted steel
    • Print bed: bed in wooden multi-layer
    • Movements: guides on anodized aluminum
    • Open sides give the possibility to stop the printer and interact with the part during the print


    40100 XL LDM/Clay 3D Printer Package SKU PS-9000-1
    Item SKU Price
    Delta WASP 40100 Clay with XL LDM PS-9000 $11,000.00
    BASIC+ TECH SUPPORT PACKAGE PS-12032 $1,200.00
    XL- Screw for LDM (2x) PS-7031 $140.00
    LDM Standard Canister LID PS-9031 $50.00
    White Porcelain 25lbs (2x) PS-0107 $200.00