Spitfire Extrusion System for Delta WASP 3MT (Red LT 1,2mm)
Spitfire Extrusion System for Delta WASP 3MT (Red LT 1,2mm)
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Spitfire Extrusion System for Delta WASP 3MT (Red LT 1,2mm)

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Accurate, reliable and capable of printing a wide range of materials, with pieces up to 70 cm/27in in height with the closed chamber and heated bed.

This printer is fast and accurate for printing both small and large pieces. With the heated printing bed and controlled print chamber temperature, a great print quality is achieved with minimum warping and shrinkage.

Compatible with Wasp Clay extruder as an add-on:
With the Wasp Clay extruder, you can use print with fluid-dense materials such as clay, porcelain and metal paste.


Maximum printing volume: Ø400 x h670 mm; 15in by 26in
Close printing chamber;
Noozle: 0.4 mm, 0.7 mm (standard), 1.2 mm
Layer height: 100 micron;
Maximum printing speed: 250 mm/s;
Maximum travel speed: 250 mm/s;


Filaments: diameter 1.75 mm, (PLA, ABS, Flex, HIPS, PETG).


  • Spitfire Black Extruder.
  • LDM Extruder for the printing of ceramic and fluid materials.


  • Operative System: WIndows, Mac, Linux;
  • Software slicing: Cura – SLic3r – Simplify 3d;
  • File type: .stl, .obj, .gcode;


SD Card – LCD Screen;


  • Dimensions: 85 x 77 x 199 cm;
  • Machine weight: 50 kg; 110lbs
  • Dimensions for shipping with cardboard packaging: 100 x 100 x 230 CM, weight 160kg; 


Input: 110 V 50/60 Hz;
Power Consumption: Max. 450W


  • Use: 20-30 C°;
  • Warehouse: 0-30 C°;
  • Nozzle: max 260 C°;
  • Heated platform: max 100 C°


  • Frame and cover: Aluminium, polycarbonate and wood.
  • Print bed: Stainless steel

It is a system which allows users to save their print job and resume it in the case of power failure.