Savonius V4 AC Wind Turbine Kit

Savonius V4 AC Wind Turbine Kit

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Explore Wind Energy with our Savonius V4 AC Wind Turbine Kit! Construct this STEM kit from scratch and engineer it to make it power an led, piezo buzzer or just showcase the power on a standard multimeter!

This turbine is made in the USA out of recycled plastics so it not only creates alternative energy but is also made of sustainable components! 

Each kit contains all the parts needed to build a fully functioning Savonius AC Wind Turbine! 

Grades 5th grade + (We've had as young as 6 years old build it though)

Bill of Materials

  • 1X recycled plastic base
  • 1X recycled plastic top piece
  • 1X recycled plastic rotor disc
  • 2X Recycled plastic blades
  • 2X Recycle plastic s-foils
  • 4X 200 Wind Copper Coils 
  • 4X Rare Earth Magnets
  • 3X 1/4in(6.25mm) Dowels
  • 2X pieces of sandpaper
  • 4X double side tape
  • 1X bicolor LED


10 Inches tall