WASP 3MT Fluid Density (LDM) Extruder
WASP 3MT Fluid Density (LDM) Extruder
WASP 3MT Fluid Density (LDM) Extruder
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WASP 3MT Fluid Density (LDM) Extruder

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LDM (Liquid Deposit Modeling) WASP Extruder

WASP launch a new professional extruder for fluid-dense materials and ceramic materials.

-Bubble eliminating extruder, it eliminates air bubbles in the mixture
-Extrusion controlling system with retraction option
-Outward pressure multiplier until 40 bar in the screw extruder

LDM WASP Extruder is a ceramic extruder, a professional instrument for the deposition of dense fluid material as clay mixture and experimental materials. It is equipped with a screw system capable of regulating the output flow of the material, allowing a rapid flow interruction and a good retraction control.

WASP’s work has always been focused on the development of systems that allow the use of functional materials like ceramics, porcelain, clay, alumine, zirconium and advanced ceramics, in order to promote digital handicraft and self-production. By launching this new product the group aims to promote the print of fluid-dense materials and advanced ceramics in the world.

In two years of time and after experimenting all the possible combinations of pressure, nozzles and materials WASP has created a model of extruder which is able to interrupt and restart the extrusion flow.