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Materializing imaginations
through sustainable product design
localized manufacturing, through our PicoStudio


About Us

Michael Burghoffer founded PicoSolutions in January 2019 and acquired his previous company's IP from PicoTurbine underneath the new company with a vision for sustainable 3D printing and industrial design based in Jersey City, New Jersey. 


Michael ventured into Additive Manufacturing in 2013 with a vision of learning how to cut down on the cost, waste, and environmental impact of overseas manufacturing. 

PicoSolutions focuses on product design and utilizing disruptive technologies like additive manufacturing (aka 3D printing) to create localized product solutions for various industries. We create our own solutions but partner with our customers to materialize their own imaginations empowering them to add solutions to the industries we support. i.e STEM Education, Cycling, and Home Goods. 

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